5 Reasons you haven’t reached your goals

If you are like most people, and I include myself in that group, you probably have set goals in the past. You may have achieved some of them, and other is a vague memory of failure that we have banished to the depths of your mind.

There are many reasons why we don’t stick to what we need to do to achieve the goals we have set Here are a few reasons (or excuses) we hide behind for our failures to reach our goals – which ones resonate with you?

  1. Past failure predicts future success. You failed to reach a goal in the past, and so your brain expects the same outcome. And you believe it. You are successful in repeating the past failure, doomed in fact. Why should this time be any different?
  2. Belief that it is too difficult/hard/challenging. You have set a big hairy scary goal, and deep down you don’t think have any chance to actually make it. And so you stop before you even got started. Doubt is a very powerful demotivator!
  3. The general excuses of “I don’t have enough time / money / energy / wilpower / support / insert your excuse here. You can also add the following as part of the general excuses: “I am too fat / thin / weak / old / young / sick / tall / short / poor insert your excuse here. The general excuses usually appears the moment we don’t believe we can make the goal happen. And let’s be realy honest here – many people wear their general excuses of badges of honour on how challenging their lives are.
  4. Not clear on what you really want. Vagueness is the enemy of success and exceptional performance. The more vague you are with your goals, the less you know what you really want. Here’s an example of vague goals: I want to be healthy / be more successful / earn more money / save more money. How will you know what you need to do to get you on the path, and how will you know if you achieved it?’
  5. You will always get what you really want. What is your “why” behind the goal? If you don’t have a reason behind the goal, you are doomed for failure. The reason for setting the goal, must be your reason – not your partner / husband / wife / parent / doctor’s reason. If other people want you to eat healthy, but you really want to have a chocolate and a cream cappucino, guess which option will win? Willpower will help you – up to a point. Then you will eat that chocolate. You will always get what you really want.

As we race towards the end of the year, I want to ask you to take 10 minutes and remember the goals that you have set for 2018. Which ones have you ticked off? Which ones have you started and then conveniently forgotten?

By looking at your reasons for failure this year, you can put the right systems and actions in place for next year’s goals. There really is no reason why 2019 should be a repeat of 2018. But you have to do the work to understand your point of failure.

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