The 4 reasons you need an inspiring workspace

The environment in which we work has a huge impact on our performance.   A cluttered workspace is distracting and uninspiring.  Regardless of whether you work at home  or in a corporate office, a space that is attractive and inspiring can make you productice and focused.  And you will very likely enjoy the time that you spend at your desk.

Creating your inspiring workspace

Make your desk Instagramable: get rid of the clutter, add a beautiful plant or two, a beautiful picture frame with pics of your favourable people or pets, momentos from a past experience, a vision board of your goals and dreams.  Just do it!


There are benefits to have an inspiring workspace:

  1. It seperates work from play, especially when you have a space at home that you work at.  I often work at home before I see clients, and I know that when I sit at my desk, it’s time to work.  I don’t work on the couch in front of the TV, or while I slouch on the bed.  When I work, I am at my desk.
  2. It boosts creativity.  Infuse your space with items that inspire you.  You can put your favourite quote on a wall or in a picture frame, a few of your favourite books or a plant or two.
  3. You feel in control.  A dedicated, inspiring workspace makes you feel in control.  Everything is neat and organised and you know exactly where to find something when you need it.
  4. You are more productive.  An inspiring workspace keeps you focused at the task you need to do.  With no distractions (like papers that is waiting to be filed) you can focus on deep work.

Create an environment where you feel inspired to sit, focus and work.  If you are a leader of a team, have a look at the space your people work in: is it dull, boring and dreadful?  Or is the space inviting, open and inspiring?

An inspiring workplace won’t guarantee exceptional performance, but it will make it so much enjoyable to work towards it!

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