Past, present and future-focused people

The status quo – this the thing that we automatically gravitate towards.  It is the comfort zone, the place we are familiar with, it’s easy and effortless.  It is also the place of sameness, lacking innovation and staying stuck.

There are three types of people: past-focused, present-focused and future-focused.

Past-focused people are stuck in the past.  The saying “why fix something that isn’t broken” resonates well with them.  If it is working and has been working fine for ages, don’t change it.

Present-focused people are great at improving processes and procedures, making things work better and getting the right things in place for efficiencies and optimised performance.

Future-focused people are never satisfied with the status quo.  They think about what can be dreamed and achieved, with an eye of creativity on what could be.  They are the dreamers, the rebels, the pirates.  “Good enough never is” from Jim Collins’ book Good to Great is what resonates with them.

What you need are the present-focused and the future-focused people.  You need the present-focused people to tinker and improve, to optimise and make things efficient.  You also need the future-focused people – those who are very annoying as they keep on asking: How can we become better?  How can we do this differently? What if…?

Only by getting the present-focused and future-focused people to work together, side by side, will you be able to innovate, find creative solutions to the new problems and really innovate performance.

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