Personal Development - Coaching

The coaching programme is an online coaching course over a period of 6 weeks, where you work on one or two of your develop areas as identified in your PDA report.

During the 6 weeks you work on incorporating high impact behaviours that lead to your and your team’s success.

The Coaching process



Complete your PDA form, and review the report that you receive. Understand your motivators, strengths, and areas to develop.


Feedback and Discussion

In a 1-hour session, discuss the report in detail, and how to interpret your report. Define the competence that you would like to develop in the coaching programme.


Areas to Develop

Define the objectives that you would like to work on, as well as a series of items and actions that will help you as you go through the process.


MyPDACoach Process

During the 6-week journey, you will receive advice, challenges, exercises, and reminders to help you develop the competency that you have selected.


External Feed back

No coaching process is complete without feedback from others. A group of people that you have selected provide feedback on your behaviour and the change that they have observed. Their perspectives and opinions are extremely valuable is it provide you with feedback that your effort and commitment has been noticed.

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