Become a dynamic, inspiring and persuasive communicator

Being a rockstar speaker is not just for the elite few.  You too can learn to be a more confident, persuasive and inspiring speaker and presenter.  With a few simple steps, some techniques in writing and delivering speeches, and lessons from the trenches (believe me we’ve been there), you can speak and present like the rockstar that you are!

This is for you if you:


Want to be more persuasive and confident when speaking in front of others.


Know how to write a strong speech that makes an impact and is memorable.


Keep you audience engaged and interested.


Learn the skills and tools used by the master performers, top marketers and inspiring speakers to make your next speech...simply exceptional!

Public Speaking Training

In the training you will learn the three aspects of speeches and presentations: defining your speech idea, developing your speech and delivering your speech.  You will learn many skills, tips and techniques about speech writing, presenting and engaging your audience:

  • developing your speech idea
  • building credibility
  • crafting memorable stories and content
  • creating an opening that engages
  • structing the content to support your message
  • closing with impact
  • writing your introduction
  • connect with your audience emotionally and intellectually
  • deliver with confidence
  • come across as credible
  • be natural and authentic.

We offer public speaking courses for primary and high schools, as well as in-house training for corporates.  Individual coaching is also on option for that personal touch focused to what you specifically need.

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