Are you running on fumes?

The last two years have demanded more from your teams and leaders than ever before.  Everyone is stressed out, maxed out, and exhausted.  The result is lackluster performance, lower employee engagement, mediocre effort in problem-solving, “stuff” hitting the fan, and leaders and teams who are just… well, barely coping each day.

Unfortunately, our very DNA is limiting our performance, impacting our effectiveness, and putting the brakes on our energy.  It’s in our biology. 

You have a choice: Stay as you are, or recharge your energy.  Really recharge your energy!   

Adele doesn’t just want you to focus on quick fixes.  She wants you to be fully charged, energised, and enthusiastic about work, life, and reaching your potential.  Reboot, recharge and refuel.   

Ready?  Then let’s get started! 

Performance Biology


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Fully Charged Leaders and Teams

With burnout now officially recognised by the World Health Organization, the responsibility has shifted to leadership to build a burnout strategy. This keynote focuses on understanding how our biology is the foundation for how we respond to pressure, stress, and change, and the leadership tools needed to reduce and prevent burnout, increase energy and improve engagement.

Unleash Your Exponential Energy

You have things to do and places to be, but you are running on empty. How can you create an unlimited supply of personal energy? In this keynote you will learn about the Energy Drains, the Energy Types and how to recharge your Energy Tank so you can supercharge your energy and your life.

Speaker & Author

About Adele du Rand

Adele is the Founder of Mastering My Thyroid, a thyroid health education platform for patients.  She is also the author of the book titled Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis: A Practical Guide for the Newly Diagnosed to Reduce Your Symptoms, Increase Your Energy and Redeem Your Life. 

As a patient who has been diagnosed with an autoimmune disease and who struggled with exhaustion and other health issues as a result, she has learned what really works to reclaim your health and unleash your energy.

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