Let’s get real about being and staying an achiever.    If you are an exceptional performer, then you know that achievement doesn’t happen by accident.  It is designed with intent, pursued with focus and measured obsessively.  Being an achiever is not always easy though: stress at work, overwhelm of too much to do and bad lifestyle habits are all obstacles that impacts your ability to keep performing at a high level.

If you want to talk performance, success and achievement, let’s do it.  If you want to become an achiever, not only at work but also in life, if you are an exceptional leader who wants to creates a workplace where others can be exceptional performers as well, then this is for you.

Because, who wants to be average when you can be exceptional?

This is for you if you:


are a high achiever and still have more you want to do


want to avoid burnout and overwhelm


have the guts to do the work to get there


want to be a better leader


want to have more balance, fun and life fulfillment.

Exceptional performance is designed with intent and purpose.

No Matter Your Needs, Adele Has You Covered


Equip Your Audience


Adele’s authentic, entertaining and empowering messages of resilience, performance and happiness, is all about creating your own success and significance.  She will bust myths and drop some knowledge bombs about performance and how you can become exceptional in your own right.


Be(come) An Achiever


Ready to grow and accelerate your success? Understand your strengths and behaviour and how it impacts your performance, and craft your success story.  Performance coaching for individuals, teams and leaders.


Speech & Presentation Skills


You can learn how to be a more confident, persuasive and inspiring leader.  Leaders know how to persuade and inspire their teams through the spoken word.

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Who is Adele du Rand?

Adele has experience in being a high performer, and has the battlescars to prove it!  She has earned her third dan (black belt) in karate and achieved her MBA (with honors) at the University of Pretoria.  Being a seasoned consultant and having been in leadership positions, she now shares her experiences, knowledge and lessons learned with other high performers and leaders through her weekly tips.  She also presents keynote presentations at events on the topic of exceptional performance.

  • 3rd Dan in karate,
  • MBA with distinction,
  • President of the Professional Speakers Association of Southern Africa, Gauteng chapter, for two years,
  • Distinguished Toastmaster (DTM) with Toastmasters International,
  • Certified PDA Analyst and PDA Coach with PDA International.

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